The network for holistic flood prevention and flood risk management

The Flood Competence Center is a non-profit association from Germany that connects flood-affected citizens and stakeholders in flood risk management to build a unique network.

Our Mission

  • Communicating intelligible information
  • Providing practicable climate adaptation strategies and solutions
  • Support self-prevention

The HKC was founded in 2007 and consists of almost 200 members and cooperations. The members of the HKC are composed of national and international institutions and municipalities, citizens and policy-makers, science and economy.

The HKC brings together science and practice for the purpose of holistic flood risk management, promoting sustainable development and the provision and transfer of expertise.

Advice and support

  • Risk communication to raise awareness
  • Prevention and avoidance of flooding damages
  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Building- and behavioural precautions
  • Climate adaptation measures

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