Know your risk and protect your property

In order to increase flood resilience, the FLOODLABEL aims to lower flood risks by actively integrating the population.

The FLOODLABEL is a flood risk assessment tool that closes the knowledge gaps of the population about their flood risks and their own precautionary measures to protect themselves.

Floods are a major challenge for our society. Fatalities and damages show that many affected people need better information about the expected flood hazards and how they can protect themself. Depending on where you are from, public authorities are usually responsible for flood protection measures on a large-scale basis. However, they can never give you full protection. In order to protect yourself and to thrive towards a flood resilient society, the FLOODLABEL was developed by the HKC.

  • Innovative assessment method to categorize buildings according to their flood risk
  • The risk assessment extents the categorisation of present flood hazards to the vulnerability of the building towards these hazards
  • Flood protection measures are recommended in accordance with existing vulnerability
  • Documentation in form of a certificate
  • Raise awareness and enhance self-initiative for risk adaptation
  • Tool to increase resilience in the society

The FLOODLABEL has been adapted and proven in Germany. Through projects and partners, our experience is growing and adapted to different countries.

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